English units of measurement

English units of measurement have historically been used in Britain and its colonies. Some units were also used by those working in the navy, air and sea communications. Today, imperial units are only used in the United States, Burma and Liberia. In other countries, the generally accepted SI system is used (in Poland it was adopted in 1960). The only unit that does not differ in the USA from the system adopted in Europe is time, measured in hours, minutes and seconds. Other values are defined as follows:

length is expressed in inches, feet and miles,
the basic units of weight are the ounce and the pound,
capacity is expressed in gallons and ounces,
miles per hour is used to determine speed,
temperature is given in degrees Farenheit,
square feet is used for surface area.
You can convert imperial units yourself by using the converter below. If you are in any of the above-mentioned countries or need a quick converter, the corresponding phone apps come to the rescue. They work like a calculator, converting the given values both from the SI system to imperial units and vice versa. You only enter the value you want to convert – the apps already have a built-in unit converter .