Sample Page

Admittedly, the first website created in HTML will not be among the most beautiful or functional. However, you have to start somewhere, and such a project is an ideal opportunity to possess some basic skills, or to make your IT job easier.

We will create a project from complete scratch. I will show you step by step how to make a simple HTML website. I encourage you to go through this project from cover to cover, and then redesign it yourself. With hands-on learning and reworking or adding more analogous modules, it will be much easier for you to actually learn something.

What we will do:

We will create a site completely from scratch, without using frameworks or HTML and CSS libraries such as Bootstrap.
It will look quite strict, but also transparent. I don’t want to use too many colors and images.
I will also show some CSS basics that will spice up the visual layer of our site at least a bit.
I will want to keep it simple here and not touch on more advanced topics. From the very beginning, we will not work exclusively within a single file. It’s possible, but it’s not a very good choice in the long run, so it’s worth avoiding from the very beginning.

In this tutorial, I have shown how to create a very simple page based on only simple HTML and CSS functions. If you are a beginner, you can create this project for yourself and learn a bit from it. In the future, I would also recommend you to explore at least the basics of the PHP language, which will allow you, among other things, to store the menu code in a separate file. This way, when you would like to add a new item, you wouldn’t have to change it in the menu manually for each subpage (which is a bit cumbersome, especially if you have more than a few subpages). Alternatively, you can instruct yourself how to create templates for off-the-shelf CMS systems such as WordPress straight away.