Which shower enclosure should I choose?

A shower enclosure is an essential part of almost every bathroom. Due to the fact that we use it practically every day, it is worth making sure that our choice of shower enclosure is well thought out. We suggest what to look for when choosing a shower enclosure.

Shower enclosures can vary in design, size and different materials are used to create them. To choose the optimal shower enclosure, it is good to keep all these aspects in mind, from the type of drain to the height of the shower tray.

A shower enclosure in a small flat
When hesitating between a shower enclosure and a bath tub, the amount of space available in the bathroom is very often the deciding factor. In small rooms, the much more compact wall-mounted shower cubicles are by far the most popular. When it comes to furnishing a small bathroom, every detail is important, such as how the shower door opens. If space is at a premium, a shower enclosure with sliding doors is the right choice. The advantage of this is that the open door doesn’t get in the way when you step out of the shower. Sliding doors also have their drawbacks. Sometimes all it takes is an accidental bump on the shower door for it to fall off the rails or for a roller to break. Repairing a sliding door shower enclosure can sometimes be time-consuming, as can the search for matching parts. Depending on the size of the bathroom, shower doors can also be hinged. This solution takes up a little more space, but it is easier to get out of the shower enclosure and it is quicker to ventilate the room. Therefore, if this type of solution does not harm the bathroom layout, corner shower cubicles and hinged doors are the most practical solution.

Which shower enclosures are worth choosing?
The next dilemma concerns what type of shower enclosure will go into our bathroom. Traditional shower trays are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and their place is increasingly being taken by shower enclosures with a slightly different design. In large rooms, free-standing shower enclosures are very popular. Their appearance can make quite an impression, especially if this one is finished in glass or has some kind of striking design. A free-standing shower enclosure can also be well suited to the style of the interior. For example, industrial-style shower cubicles with lots of metal elements are currently popular. Such modern shower cubicles are rarely fitted with semi-circular shower trays. The glass shower enclosure is mounted on a special frame or directly on the floor. No special knowledge is required to install a shower tray, only good quality materials such as silicone. However, for shower enclosures of the open type or similar, it is best to engage a professional. A compromise between a classic plastic shower tray and an open shower enclosure can be a so-called low shower tray, which provides free use for both adults and the youngest members of the household. This type of solution is also a good choice in a small bathroom, as in a small bathroom the dimensions of the shower tray will translate into the visual perception of the available space.